Men and… Problems!? YES

I try to laugh about it.

Cover it all up with lies.

I try and laugh about it .

Hiding the tears in my eyes.

Because boys don’t cry,

Boys don’t cry.

By The cure ,Boys don’t cry

In this world everyone is talking about women empowerment. We women have to face several problems in our daily life and I have heard many of my friends saying “I wish, I was a boy…life would have been so easy”. But it’s time we know that, MEN ALSO HAVE PROBLEMS.

I understand that some of them might not sound as big as the problems faced by the women but somehow it does affect the men of our society.

  • A real man in India is supposed to be tough, protective, brave, hard working and aggressive.

After all “Mard ko dard nahi”( A man has no pain,a famousBollywood dialouge), but let’s not forget that they are humans too and have every right to express their feelings and cry, whenever they want to.

One of the major differences between a Robot and a man is that we have feelings and they don’t and a community in a society is told to hide their feelings. Quite Strange!

We are brought up with these beliefs that men should be strict and crying and expressing themselves is girlish and makes them “unmanly”. Emotionally Evey human, no matter a boy or a girl needs support.

From the day a boy is born,the family is filled with many dreams and alot of pressure is put on the boy, to work hard and a have a good job to fullfil the needs of the family. In this process I believe that some men have to keep their “real” dreams aside and work for a good salary. Another weird stigma that exists is that a man cannot be unemployed. If an unemployed woman is married to a working man,that’s fine, but a man not working, marrying a working woman IS NOT ACCEPTABLE and is a shame for him.

In India, a large number of women have to face domestic violence and abuse, but some men also go through domestic violence and abuse and not all cases filed against them are true. Some women also try take advantage of the current situation in the country. Reporting of these problems faced by men are not encouraged by the society because they will be considered weak.

When we talk about feminism we have to understand that empowerment of men and to change the rules set by the society is also important. Let’s not teach the younger generation how to be a man or a woman, let’s teach them to be a good human being and treat everyone around them with love and respect.

Sources and pic:google and youth li awaz.

They are humans.

LGBT, heard of this term before? It stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender.

I wrote this article for people to know about the problems faced by the LGBT community in India. Although my mom said I am too young to write about this, I did, because I feel it’s extremely important to know that a community in our country is being treated worse than animals.

In India, most of the topics are considered “taboos”. People avoid talking about it in public, and one of those topics is this, Homosexuality. Many People here think being LGBT is a mental disorder or a diesease, they think it is something against the law of nature. But it’s time that we accept that they are humans, just like we are.

Being a LGBT is difficult in India. They are not even accepted by their parents and other family members,easily. Sometimes, they are forced to marry and have kids with the opposite gender or kicked out of their houses as their family members think it is a matter of shame,disgrace and humiliation.

We all talk about gender equality, Men=women, then why not the LGBTs? They do not get proper education and job opportunities, just because they chose to be different and are hence forced to beg and to do other small things for living.

They are badly bullied, blackmailed, if caught with their partners and called by disgraceful names.

Students and teenagers in schools and colleges use terms like gay and lesbian to tease each other, but we have to understand it’s nothing to get offended, they are just like us.

Although, the transwomen, also known as hijras are considered to be touched by god and are invited to bless the newborns, but are still ill treated. The community is considered to be unatural and impure but throughout Hindu and Vedic texts there are many instances of same sex depictions. Apart from male and female there are 20 types of genders such as transwoman, transmen, pangender and trigender, etc.

Prince Navendra Singh Gohil was disowned by his family for his sexuality, he was brave enough to confess it and became world’s first gay prince. He now runs the Lakshya trust, for the LGBT community.

I just want to conclude by quoting the words of Chris Colfer “There’s nothing wrong with you, there’s a lot of wrong with the world you live in.”So just be brave and be proud of who you are,people around you will always have something to say. And let’s unite and make sure that the LGBT community is respected and given equal rights, just like we have been given.

Sources:google,wikipedia & quora

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I would thank my parents and loved ones for always loving and supporting me, have get togethers and reunions, do everything that I couldn’t do like para gliding and scuba diving.

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Something just like this by the Chainsmokers. 

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I will choose Mahatma Gandhi, and ask him how did he have so much patience and also will also ask him to tell something about the freedom struggle. 

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I would want that my family and friends remember as an independent, sweet, strong, determined, funny and entertaining girl. 

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    We are perfect!! 

    No Beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart.”

    Beautiful. What does first come to your mind when you hear this word??? Tall?,  fair?, Or skinny? Does Beauty have any definition? Most of us claim that we love diversity and variety, then why do the same people endorse fairness creams? Then why Chubby people are considered ugly? Why are short people a topic to make fun of ? Why are tall people called giants?? Why are very thin people called skeletons? Whether you are tall or short, fat or thin ,People around you will always have problem. But the society really doesn’t understand that each one of us is different.People say that no one is perfect, but I say that each one of us is PERFECT in our own way. However you look, you are BEAUTIFUL,you can’t and neither should change yourself for the sake of others. The world will always have something to complain about.People loose their self confidence, just because they think that they are ugly. Specially teenagers,come under great stress to look physically attractive.But the most important thing is to be beautiful from inside, after all your inner beauty never needs makeup.  Not having good looks is not a sin.Being pretty and handsome can give you jobs, but being human, being pretty from inside will help you to be a person that everyone wants. Never ever underestimate yourself because of your looks,we all are equal, not inferior neither superior to anyone. We have to understand that the world has diversity, god has made each one of us different.  What if everyone looked same?Life would have been so boring. Our different colors, features, shapes and sizes are the real beauty of this world. So smile and make the world smile with you. You should go and love yourself. 😊😘


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    Srujani 💗

    Are marks really important??? 

    Albert Einstein once said “Everyone is a genius but if ÿøú judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree it Will live its whole life believing its stupid .

    Every teacher and student gives importance to the topper of the class.  Why??  Just because he/she scores the highest marks.  So are marks really so important? Today’s world distinguish students on the basis of Marks,  if one scores above 80 or 90 percent he/she is intelligent and the rest are “dumb”. But marks does not defines our knowledge.  Maybe a student who scores less marks has more knowledge than a topper Or maybe the student is just not interested in mugging up things and scoring marks  .  If a child comes back home from school, most of the parents ask about their child’s  marks but only few parents ask what their child has actually learned beyond books. Learning beyond books is very important.  Students suicide and come under great stress just because of “marks”. Bookish knowledge does not predetermine your future.  Each one of us has a different path,  different destiny,  different dream. Education does not mean marks , it means knowledge and values.  People like Bill Gates and Albert Einstein have proved that that marks and a famous college is not EVERYTHING. Marks give you a great job but not a happy life  where you don’t work for money but for your passion and hobbies.  The definition of education followed today is extremely wrong. But that does not mean we stop working hard, sadly in a country like India, where competion is at peak and marks are given importance by the society and the parents too, Ultimately  Our  career is based on our 10th and 12th grade marks to get the subject we want and the college we want to get into. But I hope to soon see a reformed education system where knowledge, understanding and values are given importance,  where students don’t have to copy the same procedures given in their practical files,  where We get a chance to explore and experience different things around us and where we get a chance to be creative and our sole competition should be ourselves, not the whole world.  I wish soon the definition of education and intelligence changes. It sounds like dream but wish this could be true.  Till then live a happy and stress free life and don’t give marks much undue importance. 😎

     This was my opinion.. Pls feel free to share your opinion on this topic. 

    “The dirty picture”.

     Politics plays a pivotal role in our country. After all, we are known as the largest democracy. Politics in India is just like a movie going on.  Our representatives are wonderful “actors”. I named this article as ‘The dirty picture’ because the politics in our country is just a dirty drama.  The hero and the villain both played by the politicians and we people just choose one of these ‘actors’ because we still have hope and expectations for a new change.  Big promises are made before the elections, but after it we don’t even see them outside their big mansions.  These ‘actors’ act as if they want to serve the country but are there in politics only for money and power.  Once they become a member of parliament or assembly they think the “whole world” is under them. They show their arrogance up there, at 36,000 feet and have no shame in admitting that they hit people with slippers, they hit and run, they attack and murder but they aren’t behind the bars but behind a podium giving out their long speeches and giving fake hope to people. Is honesty really the best policy?  Then why is an honest IAS officer transferred after he/she tries to expose a politician?  One of the best examples of dirty politics can be the separation of India and Pakistan, everyone wants power but with that NO responsibility.  Politics was never dirty, but is now just because of the ‘actors’.  I think these people should try their luck at movies rather than wasting their and our time.  We would have been a faster developing country, if we had politicians who actually cared for us.  I would like to conclude by quoting the words of Abraham Lincoln “Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.  So let’s try to choose a Leader for our country not an ‘Actor’,  because POWER lies in our hands too. 

    Just one change needed!!! 

    Woman, a mother, a wife, a daughter and a sister. A mother sacrifices her career for her children , a wife compromises her wishes for her husband, a daughter is not allowed to go out alone and a sister is treated more like a domestic worker than a family member. But why? Why all the rules and regulations are on women only? Ever since the independence struggle, the women have been fighting for two freedoms one from the Britishers and the other from the customs of the society that acted as a barrier for them. Today we are in the 21st century, independent and free…but is this true for women also? The rules still remain the same for us. Once we get married We have to change our surnames, we are not allowed to go out after 8, Many of us are still forced to give up our dreams and live inside the big purdahs to hide our faces. I have seen criminals hiding their faces but we aren’t criminals. Why are we being punished for being born as a girl?? They say “Khud ko dhakho, buri Nazar se baccho”.Our society wants to change our dresses but not the mindset of their boys. Just one change, one change in the mindset can change the world for every girl.There was this campaign started by some men a few years ago #notallmen,true not all men disrespect women,instead many of them actual helped us to change people’s view, but #everygirl. Yes, every girl shares the same fear . People think nowadays women have turned feminists, no we are just asking for our rights that We deserve. This year has been extremely special for all of us. The 11 girls in the cricket ground changed the whole nation’s view and the Muslim women won over the unfair triple talaq. In both these cases the real Sheroes are the women who never ever lost their hope with so many obstacles. We are living in this fearful and unsafe world today, may be because our traditions are made in this way, we tie ‘Rakhis’ to our brothers for protecting us rather than learning self defence . It’s even more sad when women themselves torture their own daughters and daughter in laws for dowry or marriage. It’s shocking when a woman is crying in grief when a girl is born after 9 months of the pain she suffered. It’s high time that we understand that once we give our girls a chance to fly, they will work and earn at par with the men. Every girl is just waiting for that one ‘yes’ from her parents, in laws or grandparents to live her own life outside the kitchen or the house. Wishing all of us more power and I hope that we will soon see a world without any fear.